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Walk & Talk Counselling 

What is it?

Walk & Talk Counselling is counselling in nature spaces whether this is a park, beach,

woodland or urban. The benefits of doing walk & talk is that it can help with your physical

and mental wellbeing. It can improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety, help connect with

the local community or if you feel anxious regarding face to face counselling. By being out

in nature this can help you feel more grounded. You can have more space to explore

thoughts and feelings and be able to connect to the world around you.



How will it look?

There are pre risk assessed walks that will be discussed in the initial call. In this initial call we will also talk about things such as confidentiality, where the walk will be, the weather etc. You set the pace whether this is walking, stopping or sitting. I will be by your side offering you space to explore your thoughts and feelings in that moment. The session is led by you. It will often look like two people walking and talking. Sessions are 1 hour long and I will monitor the time throughout. Fees are £50 per session.



What if I try and it's not for me?


This is no problem and we can return to a standard counselling session whether this is face to face or online.



If this interests you please contact me on:




Address: 34 Mannamead Road


               PL4 7AF


Phone: 07595907163

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